Kevin is a special liver and white parti schnauzer. He is very playful and great with all dogs and people alike. 

VARIETY: Schnauzer

SIZE: 9" tall, 11 lbs.

COAT: wavy, silky

COLOR: Liver and white

DOB: November 2012


Ameira is a phantom poodle. She was born and raised at our home. She is an outgoing, social dog that is always begging for love.  


SIZE: 12" tall, 18 lbs.

COAT: Curly

COLOR: Black and tan phantom

DOB: 2010


Darla although cream with tan points she carries the gene for parti schnoodles! You'll never meet a dog that loves kids more. 


SIZE: 9" tall, 10 lbs.

COAT: Curly

COLOR: Cream

DOB: 2010


Ellie is a darling. She is small, loving, and fun. You won't meet a better dog.

VARIETY: Schnoodle

SIZE: 9" tall, 10 lbs.

COAT: Straight, silky

COLOR: White

DOB: 2009


Molly is full of energy. She is so fun to be around. Molly jumps with joy to see family members and is always ready for an exciting game of tag.

VARIETY: Schnoodle

SIZE: 10" tall, 10 lbs.

COAT: straight, course


DOB: 2011


Frankie is a cream, second generation schnoodle born at  our farm. He is super loving and friendly to everyone he meets. 

VARIETY: Schnoodle

SIZE: 12" tall, 15 lbs.

COAT: flat, silky

COLOR: cream

DOB: 2007

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