We have both 1st and 2nd generation Schnoodles. They are approximately 8 to 20 pounds. We have only a few litters a year with color ranging from white, light apricot, silver, tan,  black, and even parti (multiple colors).

Our schnoodle puppies are raised in our home with our full attention. From the moment they are born, they are loved and cared for. They are sweet, smart, and loving little creatures that just want to please, play, and snuggle. They are also great with kids!

Our mini schnoodle puppies have been well socialized with our other dogs and lots of people (both young and old). Before joining their new families they have had their first set of vaccinations and healthy vet checks. 

Schnoodles are a non-registered breed.

What's A Schnoodle?

Miniature Schnoodles

About Us


Gilbert, Arizona



We are located on an acre in Arizona so that our dogs have room to run and play as part of our family. We have been raising miniature schnoodles since 1987, that is when our love with the breed began.  

This has been the perfect combination for us! The incredibly smart, comical traits of the Mini-Poodle mixed with the fiercely loyal and protective nature of the Mini-Schnauzer - topped off with the non-shedding coats of both - constantly entertain and amaze us with their own unique personalities.